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Monday, 16 July 2007

Most of people in working age spend 1/3 of a day in their office. A little effort of each employee contributes to humongous effects of all people.

8 things we can do to save our planet

1. Turn off lights before you leave the office for lunch and go home.

2. Turn off or standby the computer screen when you will be out for a while. A screen accounts for 1/3 of all power required by a computer. Many people think that screen saver would save energy; however, that is completely a myth. Screen “saver” is a program which replaces an unchanging screen display with a moving image to prevent damage to the phosphor. Don’t be mistaken by its name.

3. Take the stairs in stead of elevator. You sit all day in your office, it is good opportunity to move your body and release your stress.

4. Set up printers in economy mode. By doing this, you could save ink usage roughly in half. Avoid color print and print both sides of a paper.

5. Reuse and recycle papers. Use the back of used papers as memo pads. Recycle not only printing papers but also magazines, envelopes and everything that is paper. Air pollution rate during the productions of recycled papers is 74% less than conventional ones.

6. Purchase non-chlorinated, 100% recycled papers. Chlorine is one of the biggest chemical pollutants in the paper production field.  

7. Reuse and recycle office supplies. Do not throw away folders but reuse them more than once.

8. Unplugging computers, printers and other electronics. If you think that turn off electronics is enough. Wrong! About 10-15% of electricity used in offices is STANDBY POWER! Standby power is the power used while an electrical device is in its lowest power mode.

What do you thing about this issue, share you comments or methods with everyone at StudentDream Forums - Environment -.

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