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Friday, 03 November 2006
There are always classic cartoons which have been known generations to generations in every countries.
We picked up "The Simpsons" for the US and "Doraemon" for Japan.

                           The United States                                                                  Japan 

The Simpsons is the longest-running                                         "Doraemon" was aired on April 2, 1979.
American sitcom, and the longest-running                                 "Doraemon" is a cat robot produced for
American animated program, to date.                                         the purpose of babysitting on Sep 3, 2112.
Since it debuted on December 17, 1989, the                              To save a boy named "Nobita", he was
show has aired 381 episodes in eighteen                                 sent to the 20th century by Nobita's
seasons.                                                                                     grand grandson.



People love them so much, they created the actual                  People actualy developed not only "Doraemon
size The Simpsons Home. There are also many items              Car" but also "Doraemon Train and Bus". You
like toothbrush, games, candy, clothing etc.                             can also collect items like kitchenwares,
                                                                                                  watches, comforter etc.


He is said to be 36 year-old but there are episodes               weight: 285.1lb, Height: 4.24ft, Inseam: 0.96ft.
claiming he is 38 or 39 year-old. He loves Doughnuts            He loves 'dorayaki' and hates mice. That's
and Duff Beer. He is oviously obese and lucky to be             because he lost his ears eaten by mice.


Both cartoons are so famous and well-known in other countries as well. They are not only for children but also adults who grew up watching them. We wish their continued success, and our children and children's children will enjoy them like we all did.
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