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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Obesity is one of the biggest problems in the US today. Many people go on diet, do exercise etc........ but still do not get satisfying result from doing them. What's wrong I'm doing????
There are 8 mistakes many people make in their daily life making them obesity-prone. You do not have to restrict diet, but start eating healthy is the most important key for success. Of course, you need to moderate exercise with healthy eating habits. Right eating habits and exercise helps not only you get skinner but also healthier inside and outside.

8 eating habits for obesity

1. Less numbers of meals.

2. Skip meals.

Skipping meals and reducing numbers of meals for purpose of reduce food intakes are bad idea. Your metabolism slows down, which means that fat burning also slows down leading to obesity-prone body. Making you hungry for the next meal lead you to overeating and fast eating in short period of time, and stress. If you want to eat less and not to feel sick, try increase numbers of meal and never skip meals. Eat less amount of food each time, 4 or 5 times a day. When you are satisfied, your body and brain are happy, too. You are more resistible to fatigue and stress.

3. Fast eater.

Eat slowly and let brain decide. It takes a while for people to feel satisfied. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for brain to sends a signal “you are full.” Therefore, until your brain sends a signal, your body wants to more and more foods. So if you are eating fast, it is likely that you overfeed your body. Most of time, we eat more than we need. In addition, eating slowly means you bite and chew more. It helps stomach digest foods easier. Take time and wait for a signal from brain.

4. Drink juice a lot.

5. Do not like drinking water.

6. Like sweets and junk foods.

7. Always eat dinners after 10 pm.

8. Like oily, salty and heavy foods.


If you say "YES" to more than 1 of 8 eating habits, try to improve your eating habit starting today.


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