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Monday, 26 February 2007

Does everyone poop everyday? Poop? It has an image of “stinky and dirty” thing.
However, by checking your poop, you will know your body better.

Poop is bile-color

Foods that are carried and digested in stomach continue to be digested by bile in the duodenum. The coloration of poop comes from bile, which come from dead red blood cells. This is why poop has brown color.

Components of healthy poop are 80% water and 20% food residues which were not digested, digestive fluids and intestinal bacteria. From 600 billions to a trillion of intestinal bacteria exist in poop.  Healthy poop has more beneficial bacteria, and decomposition of sugars becomes vigorous making poop acidic. Healthy poop does not have smell (even gas, either!).

When bad bacteria outnumber good ones, constipations and foul gases occur.

Bad bacteria produce toxic substances and further decomposition of poop, making it alkaline which causes poop to smell badly. Moreover, when you resist going to restroom, pooping start to produce bad bacteria resulting in foul gases, swelling of the abdomen and stomachache.

Ideal, healthy poop is almost like a banana in hardness and thickness, 5.9 – 7.9 inches in length, and yellowish brown in coloration. Also, it is odorless, and gets loose and floats in the water. If you excrete 2 – 3 of this kind of poop everyday, your intestinal condition is very good and healthy.

Conversely, if you are not healthy, poop is brown or black in coloration and too hard (like pebbles) or too soft (like sludge). The causes could be stress, bad water absorption in intestine or others. People who eat meat a lot tend to have black poop, however, black poop is also caused by bleeding of the duodenum.

Hardness, thickness, coloration and smell change depend on your health, so check your poop everyday as your health barometer.


This information is not a medical statement. Therefore, it is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any of medical conditions. Consult your doctor before you try this at home. We are not liable for any consequences which may occur by doing this.

Last Updated ( Monday, 26 February 2007 )
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