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Monday, 06 November 2006
What if we can predict a devastating earthquake before it strikes? For many years, that has been a big challenge scientists facing and a dream people longing for.

The power of earthquakes threaten us, and a number of people has been victimized by them.

There is, however, a good news!!!! A plant might be our answer to minimize damages and death toll.

"The Earthquake Plant", (Picture 1) which is also called "Action Plant" and "Shame Plant", is a very sensitive plant that belongs to the legume family, and it closes its leaves when it perceives the sense of touch. This Plant could waern us coming of earthquakes.

Picuture 1

In fact, the researcher observed a Earthquake Plant for the period of 18 years in the lab. He recorded an unusaul event about the plant.
The plants' leaves usually open in the sun and close in the night. One day, the plant opened its leaves on 7 am as usual, but closed 3 hours later. In the very next day, a earthquake struck. He said that this kinf of open-close movement ovserbed is very rare.

Actually, "The Earthquake Plant Cultivation Kit" (Picture 2) are now on the market. In a kit, everything you need to grow your own plant such as seeds, soil and guidebook.

Picuture 2

This Plants not only increase our survival rate in the time of disastres but also give pleasure to grow something on your own by thier unique and cute movement.

This is truly one mysterious plant of all.

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