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PostPosted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 1:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Anadise Chelonium Panel:
One of the most widely used billboards nowadays that is highly recommended by business owners as a shop, store or corporate board is the Chelium board which is extremely glossy and beautiful because the carpenter in the workshop Paneling When making chelenium boards make geometric cuts on the plexi or use two plexigas with two different colors to cause the light to be illuminated after the chelenium panel is installed and the LED or SMS lamps are lit. Made from different geometric shapes like stars, circles, crystals, l Moss and ... to hit the eye and bring a very beautiful look to your billboard so why not use the Chelenium Board with different names like Plain Chelium Board, Star Chelium Board, Diamond Chelium Board, Crystalline Chelnium Board, Chelnium Board Lettermax, double cheleneum boards, etc. are called.

In addition to all of the different lighting and lighting techniques to increase corrosion resistance by anodizing, you can increase the resistance of the ad you install as a shop or door panel.

Now a question arises:

What is anodizing or what is called anodizing?
An electrochemical process is a chemical process by which an oxide layer is formed naturally on a metal surface such as aluminum, has a protective and decorative effect and can protect metals from corrosion.

How is the anadizing procedure performed?
In general, aluminum coatings can be applied in two ways:

1) Anodic or electrochemical or anodizing method:

Anodizing is a practice that can be applied to the surface of metals such as titanium, zinc, tungsten and aluminum, but is not suitable for metals such as iron, steel and carbon because these metals can be laminated when the anodizing process is applied because anodizing The deformation results in microscopic texture of the metal surface and the crystalline structure of the metal near the surface. Anodic layers have a higher strength and adhesion than a variety of paints and coatings and can withstand abrasion and corrosion. The anodizing process takes place in an electrochemical cell, which consists of three main parts, namely cathode, anode and electrolyte solution. The nature of the electrolyte also depends on the type of oxide layer and the properties of the layer such as the diameter of the cavities and the distance between them and others. . In anodizing operation, a metal having a high purity percentage acts as anode and other metal which can act as aluminum, lead, graphite, tinantum, platinum, palladium, nickel, tungsten and other metal oxide layer. Anodized by direct current passing through the electrolyte solution, due to a series of electrochemical interactions, the oxygen ions at the anode surface are combined with aluminum, and the metal fragment being tested plays the role of anode in the hydrogen state. The cathode, the negative electrode, and the oxygen at the anode surface, the positive electrode, release the current and lead to doubt. Lubrication becomes an oxide layer. Sometimes alternating current and pulse current can also be used, but rarely does this happen. The anadizing operation is carried out at voltages between 15 and 195 depending on the metal and electrolyte.

The oxide film formed in the industrial anodic process typically comprises a very thin compacted layer in contact with the main metal and a thicker porous layer on which the porous layer is composed of a large number of holes, each of which is rounded. They absorb dust and contaminants and corrosive agents, and when these corrosive agents penetrate into the cavities, they corrode and abrade the metals, so they must be stained and hydrated after applying the anodizing process.

2) Chemical or Chromatizing Method: This method is also a type of corrosion resistant metal coating that makes them resistant to corrosion. This method is applicable to metals such as aluminum, cadmium, zinc and silver.

How to chromate metals:

After cleansing and dehydrating the metals, we place them in a chromate solution containing substances such as chromate, chromic acid or dichromate depending on the base metal type, duration of chromatic action, liquid temperature, magnetic strength, color, The amount and thickness of the layer created varies. It takes thirty seconds to two minutes and twenty to thirty degrees Celsius for the chromatization of aluminum, depending on the thickness of the acidic layer.

How to make anodized Chelnium Panel:
Well, we said that the anodizing action is applied to the surface of various metals, especially aluminum, and because the chelinium panel is made of chelium, an aluminum alloy that can be used to make it more anodizing.

Because of the aluminum being chelium, aluminum is used as anode and other metal as a cathode, and the current flows directly through the electrolyte fluid and forms a thin layer of acid on the chelium.

In fact, the anodizing action creates a thin acidic layer on the chelium, which multiplies the strength, transparency, and beauty of the chelium board, and the price of the anodized chelium board is higher than durability and longevity compared to non-anodized chelium.

It goes without saying that except for the above two methods, aluminum itself is oxidized under normal conditions when exposed to air, but the anodizing or chromatic action greatly increases the metal's resistance to corrosion. In fact, the result of the anodizing action is to create a hard and durable layer of arbitrary thickness that, in addition to increasing the metal's resistance to corrosion, increases the metal's strength against abrasion.

What are the advantages of anodized paint over powder paint?
In the anodizing process of metals, the thicker the oxide layer, the longer its lifetime, and the anodizing color increases the hardness, durability and resistance to corrosion caused by air and environmental contamination, which also protects the metal from rust. And because the protective layer is electrochemically, this layer becomes a part of the material that, like other coatings, does not detach from the surface and does not peel off, but paints and powders are easily resistant to UV rays and materials. Destructive due to environmental contamination, decay over time and detach from the surface Are coming back. The paint and powder coating are both made of resin, and the physical and protective properties are both the same, and the benefits of being anodized are only greater color variability.

Causes and factors of anodizing surfaces, especially aluminum surfaces:
1) Increased corrosion resistance:

When aluminum is used as an anode in the analysis process, it creates a metal oxide coating that protects the metal against atmospheric factors.

2) Increases the adhesion strength of the metal to the metal:

The oxide layer creates a chemically active surface and provides a favorable background for the dyeing process.

3) As one of the plating stages:

The porosity in the anodic oxide coating increases the plating ability of the aluminum parts.

4) Insulation:

Aluminum oxide acts as an insulator due to its non-conductive properties and can withstand high voltages, and the higher the anodized metal alloy is, the higher its thickness and insulation.

5) Reduce heat transfer coefficient:

The anodic oxide layer at thicknesses above 30 microns increases the resistance of metals such as aluminum to heat. Chelium anodizing process also results in high resistance against UV radiation and can maintain its beauty and gloss for a long time.

6) Increased wear resistance:

The anodizing process creates a coating of numerous thicknesses on the metal, which increases the hardness and resistance of the metal to wear and corrosion.

7) It creates a stylish and shiny look that can be used in decorations and decorations.
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