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Musen Interface

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 9:23 pm    Post subject: Musen Interface Reply with quote

Musen Interface at the side and said: "So I think you are the best solution is to tell us the truth."

Li Li in the heart secretly sigh, he Musen unknown things already is flattering.

Li Li said: "Now if I tell the truth, afraid not many people believe me Lee ,nfl jerseys china,of."

Takeda strange asked: "Why is that?"

Li Li said: "If I tell the truth, then to Chess, Guohua is a great loss. For Chess, because the Masters war soon, does not allow any mistakes affect the game, which also including in the media coverage of this aspect, and this newspaper is organized by the Chess, Chess risk loss so on credibility of other media and the majority of the chess fans will think this is Guohong and Chess deliberately hype. pairs States China, it may be faced with the loss of a large number of users. there is a, Guohong and Chess will jointly launch chess website will also face the possibility of collapse. "

Takeda did not expect to have so many joints which could not help ,wholesale nfl jerseys,the mouth open, said: "Is Li Li Jun is ready to do so has been Man Xiaqu? Old lady would think if to tell the truth, then the loss will be bigger though, but by the ability of Li Li Jun , certainly there will be a remedy for. "

Li Li shook his head and said: "If this is the case, possessed nothing, big deal I quit this year's Masters and now the key is to tell the truth even if I am, no one will believe, and it will be people to handle."

Musen asked: "Why?"

Li Li went on to explain and said: "Now the business is very competitive, usually nothing, I was all like shoe ice, beware of the, now falling real population, the slings and arrows will fall into children coming in, so that You keep track of the second is that if telling the truth, you have to have a convincing explanation, this way is bound to involve Mr. Takeda on, so no matter how you look at, I can only keep silent. "

Musen after listening, could not help secretly sigh Li Li of careful thought.

Takeda sighed, said: "It seems that the old lady killed you ah! If there is no share of fax, how can not wait?"

Li Li smiled, said: "Sir without guilt, if not your share of the fax, the ,air force one shoes,younger generation would be sitting here today and how, with the world outside expert like you met it? Furthermore, said three children how can we worship You too old for the brothers? called Misfortune blessing of the Forest, Fu Xi disaster by volts, so most of worldly things, a set number dictates, have nothing. "

Takeda sadly: "Li Li Jun having comforted the old lady, old lady say if things helpful to you, please Li Li Jun decide."

Li Li said: "Sir do not say, so I did not Li Li's acting style, and besides, this thing is not to say everything will be fine sir, and moreover there are two ways to solve it."

Musen rushing asked: "what?"

Li Li said with a smile: "In fact, not a method, which is just two ,wholesale coach handbags,endings, the first is that this is really unharmed Allure to come to something like this is the case solved. No matter what kind of method I will convince He, it is not, then I give him a big deal to knock two heads Bale, I do not believe he is a hard-nosed, and this is the best outcome. "

Musen and smiled not help Takeda heard here, they think of Li Li Ju Dou break off a ** gives kneel scenario is what it looks like, complex thought of Li Li is only in the forced smile Kuzhongzuole Bale, mood and heavy, Takeda expect things because of his sky, still very heavy.

Li Li added: "This second method is also a continuation of the first method, that is, maintaining the status quo, a word, etc. If this does not come to Allure unharmed, then Amitabha, happy, everything would break up. Sure enough, come to, that the above method. "Li Li shrugged his shoulders, a look with confidence.

Takeda said: "By now I am afraid that is the only way, and there is little, if it does not appear unharmed Allure, Masters and how to do it?"

Li Li looked Musen said: "The good old way, by the three children to ,Nfl jerseys cheap,replace the."

Musen cried: "it is my ah?"

Li Li stared Musen a loud voice, said: "Of course you are, not who you are?"

Musen frowned, as if thinking about what, lips whispered a few times just to say something, but hesitantly. Complex and Perfectionist smile, said: "Well, from now on I was unharmed Allure, Allure is me unharmed."

Li Li patted the shoulder Musen smiled and said: "That's right Well, little comrade."
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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2020 2:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: 14 May 2020
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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2020 7:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote
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